Biological Investigation

Biomonitoring is an important tool used to evaluate the overall health of surface waters. BCE conducts biomonitoring of benthic macroinvertebrates, organisms that dwell on or near the bottom of stream. These organisms can be used as surrogates to determine if stream and rivers are meeting water quality standards. Biologists from BCE also conduct fish population monitoring to evaluate the biological integrity of streams.

ThatcherBrook Floodplain Waterbury thumbFlood Hazard Mitigation

Bear Creek Environmental provides expert flood hazard mitigation and flood resiliency services. Since Tropical Storm Irene devastated Vermont in 2011, BCE has been working with state agencies, regional planning commissions, and towns to rebuild stronger and reduce future flood damage risks in communities throughout the state. Our scientists use a variety of tools to identify projects and strategies to protect people and infrastructure while maintaining a healthy relationship with our rivers.  

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Bear Creek Environmental offers its clients a diverse range of geospatial analyses and mapping services using geographic information systems (GIS). These services include watershed characterization, natural resource inventory, and fluvial erosion hazard and land use mapping. GIS data are used to create high quality maps that are effective in communicating study results to clients and the community.

MaryGC thumb Stream Geomorphic Assessment

Stream Geomorphic Assessments focus on understanding the physical condition of streams and how they are adjusting over time. During these assessments, the scientists at BCE collect detailed river data using state-of-the-art tools, such as submeter Global Positioning System (GPS) units. Bear Creek Environmental has experience writing river corridor plans with focuses on such topics as flood resiliency and ecological restoration.

Stream Restoration

Improved floodplain access, stable channels, diverse habitat and forested buffers are important components of any restoration project. Bear Creek Environmental conducts ecological restoration work that aims to improve degraded aquatic habitat through bioengineering and natural channel design. The BCE team has extensive experience in improving habitat connectivity and aquatic organism passage.  

Water Quality Evaluation

Bear Creek Environmental provides water quality monitoring and evaluation services. The BCE team is highly experienced in collecting stream samples and analyzing short term and long term water quality trends. Monitoring the chemical constituents of surface waters allows BCE to work with organizations and entities to better improve their wastewater and stormwater infrastructure and aid in the process of permitting and compliance.

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